Ronald Reichard, M.A.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Specializing in Relationship Counseling for Couples, Individuals and Families

Face to Face, Video and Telephonic sessions available.

Ronald Reichard, M.A. Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Meet Ron

Relationship Focused

Marriage therapy is the primary focus of my practice. With over 20 years of therapy experience and two decades of marriage and family life, I am equipped to teach couples and individuals a wide range of interventions and marriage building tools that provide a very authentic and effective counseling service. I communicate with clients in a very clear and practical language, which creates a very straight forward and measurable approach to marriage therapy. I provided clients with homework exercises so they can daily practice the relationship skills taught in the session. Many clients report a noticeable change within 2 sessions.

Grow and Transform
Helping Couples Grow Healthy Relationships

Helping Couples Grow Healthy RelationshipsIt is true that marriage requires work. But if you are doing the wrong work, despite your best intentions, the effort becomes futile leading to burnout and marital frustration. Like in any area of life, if we have the resources to deal with a situation, the outcome is rewarding and motivating. I provide couples with an understanding of the tasks that need attention and teach them the skills to carry out the work in the most effective manner. Issues addressed in marriage therapy range from simple misunderstandings to deep betrayals and broken trust. Regardless of the situation that brings you into therapy, I will work with you to pursue greater relationship satisfaction.

My Approach in Working With Couples

As a seasoned therapist, I utilize a variety of approaches and techniques which allows me to customize the counseling to meet the specific needs of the couple. Therapy is not a “one size fits all”.  Every couple presents with their own relationship style and individual personality.  My years of therapy experience combined with 2 decades of marriage and parenting has provided me with a real-life understanding of what is required to succeed in relationships. I understand personally and professionally what couples commonly struggle with on a daily basis. I provide relationship insights and teach problem-solving skills that can quickly be put into practice.

What to Expect in Therapy?

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If it’s your first time pursuing therapy, you may be hesitant about seeing a therapist. New and unfamiliar experiences often create feelings of uncertainty, doubt, and indecision.  However, therapy (commonly referred to as counseling) isn’t that unfamiliar. Counseling has existed as long as humans have been walking the earth.  People have always sought out advice, direction, insight, wisdom, guidance, and comfort from others whether it from a friend, relative, co-worker, spiritual figure or village leader. We look to fellow human beings for support.  A licensed therapist provides professional, objective support in a confidential and trusted setting.  Don’t let doubt close the door to an opportunity of restoring and preserving your relationship and living a better, more fulfilled life.

How Therapy Sessions Work

The initial session involves the therapist gathering information about the current and past difficulties in the relationship and identifying patterns in the relationship that are contributing to conflict. Couples typically leave the first session with a preliminary action plan to reduce negative and defeating behaviors.  The Second session involves a review of any homework exercises that were given in the initial session. Also, the couple is provided with direction from the therapist to help facilitate productive communication so both can begin to feel understood by the other.  A homework assignment is often provided at the end of the session that builds on the communication skills learned. By the third session, couples usually begin feeling more equipped and confident to address the more root issues that are fueling the ongoing negative interactions. Because of this, it is recommended that clients attend 3 consecutive weekly sessions and then move to biweekly sessions if indicated.

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A Lasting, well functioning marriage is possible. Traditional 45-minute sessions and extended 75-minute sessions are available as this allows for more opportunity for both parties to express themselves and be heard by their spouse. Call us at (619) 954-1329 or click here to schedule your initial therapy session. I look forward to helping you grow a better marriage. It is my hope that your therapy experience with me or another therapist will enrich your life and serve as a model of healthy marriage to others in your family.

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