Marriage Longevity

Marriage Longevity

How to Make a Marriage Last

“Falling” in love is easy. You just let yourself fall. The feeling, passion, and excitement of falling in love are very real and very valid. It’s a kind of love that is usually very intense in the beginning phase of the relationship and comes and goes with different intensity throughout the life of the marriage. But a marriage that has longevity must mature beyond the emotions of romance.

How to Have a Mature Relationship

Relationship maturity requires a commitment to love unconditionally. In other words, it is a decision to consider the best interest and well-being of my spouse even if I don’t feel like it. The mature relationship is stronger and has deeper “roots” making it more resilient in the tough seasons of life and marriage. And the tough times will come.

Marriage relationships go through stages and each stage has its own unique challenges. Not only do relationships go through changes, so do the individuals in the relationships. Learning to adapt to the other person is a significant indicator of a maturing relationship that is likely to be successful in the long term.

The Most Successful Relationships

Marriage therapy assists couples in developing stronger and deeper connections that are foundational to relationship longevity. As couples grow in their understanding of each other and develop a stronger emotional connection, they find increased motivation to please each other and be more giving. This creates a cycle of relationship health in which each person is benefiting and growing from the goodness and positive behavior of the other. Relationships are meant to enhance our lives, not hinder them.

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