Your Therapist

Your Therapist

Ronald Reichard, M.A. LMFT Founder

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist lic# LMFT41073
Ronald Reichard, M.A. LMFTScripps Marriage Therapy is the result of years of formal training, clinical practice, life experience and a passion for helping couples discover marriage fulfillment. Well-functioning marriages provide a foundation for balance and resilience in other areas of life such as parenting, career and individual well-being. Because so much of life depends on healthy relationships, I consider it an honor when couples entrust me with the delicate and powerful work of strengthening, recovering and rebuilding their marriages. Welcome to my practice. I have been helping people with their relationships for over 20 years. In 1998 I earned a Master’s degree in counseling / psychology, with an emphasis in marriage and family interactions. This specialized training has equipped me to understand the complexities of relationships and help clients successfully navigate obstacles by providing practical skills that they can begin implementing after the initial session.

My Approach

As a seasoned therapist, I have worked with a multitude of marital problems some of which include communication problems, poor conflict resolution, relationship anger, unforgiveness, parenting, lack of companionship in marriage, emotional disconnection, emotional affairs, sexual dissatisfaction, and sexual affairs. Every marital issue requires its own unique strategy. However, at the root of every issue is an unmet need. I help clients identify the real need. When the fundamental needs are met the presenting problems begin to extinguish. My therapy approach is very action oriented. This approach addresses the emotional and behavioral aspects simultaneously. I find that relationship healing is significantly faster when couples begin implementing healthy behaviors immediately as this motivates greater desire and energy to do the emotional work of therapy.

Why You Should Choose To Work With Me

The tools, skills and insights offered to my clients have been acquired through multiple avenues, including my own relationship journey. My 20 years of marriage and counting has taught me incredible lessons about what is required for a healthy relationship that only life can teach you. There is an authenticity and credibility to my work that my clients trust, as I also know the struggle and joy of the marriage journey. I look forward to connecting and joining you for the next level of relationship growth. May today be the beginning for a fresh start on marriage and life.

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