Infidelity Therapy

Infidelity Therapy

Overcoming Infidelity

Recovering a relationship that has been damaged by an affair is very possible. Affairs are not only sexual but are often emotional as well. With proper guidance and professional support, couples can experience personal and relationship healing. When an affair is found out, it becomes the visible and obvious problem in the marriage. Yet, there are usually long-standing underlying issues in the marriage that have been ignored and ultimately set the stage for infidelity.

Can a Marriage Survive Infidelity?

Affair recovery therapy happens in 3 phases:

Responsibility. Responsibility involves acknowledging the reality of what has taken place without minimizing the behavior or the impact it has had on the relationship. This phase also includes acknowledging the problems that have contributed to the affair.

Reconnection. Reconnection is the process of putting back together something that is broken. This involves learning how to offer forgiveness and receive forgiveness. It is forgiveness that makes it possible for relationship healing to take place.

Reinforcement. Reinforcement is the process of learning and implementing healthy relationship interactions. It strengthens the marriage bond and helps you resist compromising the integrity of the relationship.

The key to success in all 3 phases of recovery is the desire to fix the relationship and the commitment to stick with the process, even when it is difficult.

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