Therapy Services

Therapy Services

Marriage/Couples Therapy

The foundation of a strong and fulfilling marriage is unity. When a couple is unified, they feel connected and consistently cooperate with one another. Marriage therapy is the process of helping couples reestablish unity in their relationship.

This requires 3 steps:

  1. Identifying the source of the disconnection
  2. Implementing reconnection strategies
  3. Strengthening the new connection by practicing healthy relationship interactions

As couples engage in this 3-step process, they are setting the stage for ongoing relationship fulfillment and intimacy.

Individual Marriage Therapy

Sometimes only one partner is willing to seek help, or even recognizes there is a relationship problem. In such situations, individual marriage therapy can start the process of change. Ultimately, a successful marriage does require the contribution of both individuals. However, in a relationship, there is always an initiator and responder. It only takes one person to initiate change in a marriage. Often times the resistant partner will begin attending the marriage therapy in response to the positive changes observed in their spouse.

Maintenance Therapy

Maintenance therapy helps couples keep their marriage at the top of the priority list. Marriage and family life are incredibly busy, particularly in southern California. Taking time to pause and reflect on the marriage in a therapeutic setting is very beneficial. This re-enforces the relationship health and helps couples prepare for upcoming life challenges.

Pre-marital Counseling

As with any significant life pursuit, a good marriage needs planning and preparation. Premarital therapy helps couples assess their strengths and weakness and consider areas of relationship compatibility. Premarital therapy also provides couples with education on communication, conflict resolution, and relationship enhancement skills.

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